Revelstoke Nordic Skiing
9 Nov

Winter Family Fun in Revelstoke

Winter in Revelstoke is a wonderful time of year. There’s so much snow, a humble ski town vibe and an endless number of adventures to go on. If you’re in Revelstoke and wondering what to do besides going for a ski or snowboard at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, we’ve put together some of our favourite family friendly activities of the winter season.

Snowshoeing with Revelstoke Snowshoe Company
In Revelstoke we get snow, lots and lots of snow. The best way to get around, snowshoes! With green and white canopies all around, snowflakes falling and perhaps some hot chocolate waiting for you at the end of the trek, try out Revelstoke Snowshoe Company for an epic tour.

Revelstoke Snowshoe Company

Photo courtesy of: Revelstoke Snowshoe Company

Fat Biking
If you haven’t tried fat biking yet you should add it to your list. It has all the fun of biking and snow mixed into one. Head over to Skookum or Tantrum to rent a bike for the day and try your hand at some biking in the snow with some fat tires.

Wandering Wheels

Photo courtesy of: Wandering Wheels

Cross-Country Skiing
Not just any cross country skiing, but night time cross country skiing. There’s something a little bit magical about gliding under the lights at Mount Macpherson. With 6km of lit trails and 26 additional km of daytime trails, it’s a family fun adventure waiting to happen. Learn everything you need to know from the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club.

Revelstoke Nordic Skiing

Photo courtesy of: Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club