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Sustainable Tourism

Swiss Chalet Motel is strongly committed to our environmental responsibilities, which we regard as essential for sustainable business. We like our glaciers where they are!

Swiss Chalet Motel Sustainable Tourism

On being responsible

You won’t find a plastic cup in sight. We know that when travelling you’re at the mercy of your host when it comes to being eco-friendly. That’s why we’ve put in the effort to take care of the little things.

Our bathroom amenities are sourced from eco-concious companies, we choose organic whenever possible and we focus on reusable over waste.

We’re still making changes and we’re definitely a long way from perfect but we genuinely care about our planet and like our glaciers where they are.

We know that businesses hold the greatest potential for climate action, so we push for progress across the board, and strive to create a workplace where everyone is empowered to do the same.

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