Revelstoke Rock Climbing
15 Aug

Rock Climbing in Revelstoke

Revelstoke offers some of the best rock climbing in Canada. Since the first climbers started plotting routes back in the early ‘90s, the number of routes at Revelstoke has continued to increase. The sheer numbers of climbing routes in this area will amaze those unfamiliar with Revelstoke.

Today there are 14 different climbing areas from which to choose at Revelstoke. These 14 climbing areas offer climbers 46 cliffs to tackle. An amazing 304 routes are available on these 46 cliffs. This large number of routes ensures that every skill level of climber will find a route to their liking here.

The shortest route at Revelstoke is only 15 meters in height, while there are two intimidating routes on the 450-meter high Columbia Buttress. Many of these routes are sport routes that do not require any specialized climbing gear, but there are definitely some technically challenging routes that will require climbers to gear up.

Though the sheer numbers of different climbs available at Revelstoke is one reason for its rapidly growing popularity in the climbing community, that is not all it has to offer. Many climbers are drawn to Revelstoke for the tremendous beauty of the scenery that surrounds it.

Most of the routes at Revelstoke will start out in evergreen forest full of the lovely scent of fresh pine. As climbers slowly ascend above the treetops, more and more of the vast vistas come into view. Those that climb to the summit of the cliffs will be rewarded with fantastic views of miles of pine forests that disappear into gorgeous glaciers, snow-capped mountains and icy blue lakes.

Another great reason to climb at Revelstoke is that the area offers many more services than many other climbing destinations. These services start with a number of excellent climbing guides that can teach beginners the ropes as well as show experienced climbers the best routes to take on some of the more challenging climbs.

There are also many fine lodging options around Revelstoke, ranging from plush hotels to basic camping. Climbers that work up a hunger out on the cliffs will enjoy the many fine restaurants in the area.

Climbers will also enjoy the fact that there is a climbing gear shop here that will provide every kind of climbing gear imaginable as well as a wide range of camping equipment. Revelstoke really has everything possible to make it a perfect climbing destination.