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Revelstoke Bird Watching
19 Feb

Revelstoke Bird and Wildlife Watching

The peace of bird and wildlife watching is an experience that must be enjoyed personally to fully understand. The Revelstoke bird and wildlife watching opportunities provide individuals with the ability to see a wide range of wild animals in their natural environment. By visiting Revelstoke National Park and enjoying the bird watching and wildlife viewing opportunities, the peace of the activity will display the wonder of the environment.

Bird Watching

Revelstoke National Park is known for the birds that breed and live throughout the area. Visitors can expect to see a wide range of birds throughout the park as they travel and enjoy the fresh sights of the natural environment.

Bird watching starts with identifying the species that are most common to the area. In Revelstoke, visitors can expect to see several species, though the particular birds gather in different areas throughout the park.

Visitors who come in late spring can expect to see birds like the Magnolia Warbler, the Rufous hummingbird and the pine grosbeak. While the late spring and early summer months of May and June are the ideal time to visit the part for a wide variety of bird watching opportunities, later visitors can enjoy the sight of species that are sometimes missed during other seasons.

Visitors who enjoy the park during the summer months of July and August can expect to see beautiful golden eagles, water pipits and the rosy finch enjoying the summer sun and the ability to raise young in a peaceful environment.

Wildlife Viewing

While the national park is well-known for the wide variety of bird species, it also has a wide array of wildlife. The mammals within the park offer several species, though visitors will need to take care to avoid scaring the animals during the trip.

Spring visitors are likely to have the opportunity to see mice, ground-squirrels, black bears and even mountain caribou. The particular animals viewed at the park depend on the time of year and the status of the animal. While some visitors will see mountain caribou, many will not due to the relative rarity of the mammal.

Animals and birds are available for viewing at Revelstoke National Park throughout the year. While spring and summer offer the largest variety, even winter visitors are likely to see deer and snowshoe hare. It is one of the best locations for bird watching or wildlife viewing due to the many species that live in the national park.