ATV in Revelstoke
15 Aug

Revelstoke ATV Touring

The Revelstoke area contains hundreds of kilometres of trails open for exploration. Journey along rambling valley creeks to lakes found on mountain paths. Mountain trails often have snow until the middle of summer, which provides amazing contrast against the clear blue skies and lush vegetation of the slopes. Companies not only supply rental ATVs but also offer tours throughout the area. Experienced guides know the trails and prime locations for optimal landscape and wildlife viewing.

Mount Revelstoke National Park offers spectacular scenery at any elevation. Enjoy a scenic meadow blanketed in colourful wildflowers. Explore the local wetlands that provide a home for a large variety of birds and mammals that include beaver and muskrat. See skunk cabbage plants and other native vegetation.
Stop at alpine lakes and dine on fresh fish while surrounded by thick green forests.

Journey into the center of old rainforests having trees over 600 years old. While in the park, visit the hydro dam that generates enough electricity to power hundreds of thousands of homes throughout British Columbia. Interactive displays at the visitor’s center explain the dam’s construction and the process of converting waterpower into electricity.

Glacier National Park features over 400 glaciers that continue shaping the landscape of the Columbia Mountains while feeding the sparkling rivers. Along the journey, guests have the opportunity of seeing a vast array of native wildlife. Stop at the Rogers Pass Centre and hear the stories of railroad development through the pass.

Explore the ruins of the Glacier House hotel and venture through the hall of railway models. Make a side trip into Hemlock Grove and see hemlock trees over 300 years old. Take the Loop Brook Trail and enjoy the scenery while seeing the stone pillars that once carried railway tracks across the region and represent some of the oldest surviving man-made structures in the country.

Ride to the Heritage Ghost Town located near the Three Valley Lake Chateau. The recreated village features over 25 historic buildings. Though rescued from other locations and renovated, these structures provide an accurate account of life centuries ago. Tour the Antique Auto Museum housing vehicles that date back to 1902. Explore the Railway Roundhouse that harbours locomotive engines and rail cars along with a functional turntable.

Base a Revelstoke ATV adventure from the Swiss Chalet Hotel. In the evening, relax surrounded by the comfort of modern conveniences after a long day on the trails. Guests also find a variety of information at the hotel concerning touring options.

Photo Courtesy of Great Canadian Tours