Revelstoke Mountain Biking
21 Jun

Mountain Biking in Revelstoke!

If you enjoy mountain biking, there are some fantastic Revelstoke mountain biking trails that can provide you with some exciting activity during your visit to Revelstoke in British Columbia. Mountain biking in Revelstoke is a very challenging and scenic experience, with the trails changing along with the seasons. Take a look at these amazing mountain biking trails for you to enjoy during your visit.

The Revelstoke area includes two separate mountain ranges near the town with biking trails accessible along the Inland Rainforest during the spring and summer months. The trails are lined with huge trees and low shrubs that blanket the forest floor. Later into the summer months, as the winter snow melts off, more trails are available closer to the top of the mountain summits.

The sport of mountain biking

Mountain biking in Revelstoke is a very popular sport with the sports community taking great pride in maintaining their biking trails along with the many other recreational venues. There are a number of mountain biking groups in the area that sponsor Revelstoke mountain biking races and ride tours for its members and guests to enjoy the sport of mountain biking with others. This provides you with the chance to meet and get to know other people who share your enthusiasm for the sport.

The Revelstoke area includes seven separate biking trails that are maintained to provide the best biking experience. The Flowdown trail is a moderately challenging 7 km ride along the 1000 foot elevation with a smooth, straight trail that leads you to the MacPherson cross country ski area. The Keystone Standard Basin Trail offers you a very challenging, 11 km ride at approximately 2200 foot elevation with an amazing alpine trail through wildflower fields and along mountain lakes.

Other trails include the Martha Creek Trail, a challenging 9.4 km trail at the 2500 foot elevation level, the Mt. MacPherson Cross Country Area trail that offers several levels of challenges along a 40 km trail at the 900 foot elevation level, the Frisby Ridge Trail that features a moderately challenging 12.9 km ride along the 2030 foot elevation level and the Boulder Mountain Downhill Area that includes both a moderately challenging and extremely challenging 10 km trail at the 1100 foot elevation.

No matter which trail you choose to ride, the Revelstoke mountain area will provide you with very exciting and scenic trails to enjoy during your biking adventure.