Mount Revelstoke National Park
29 Apr

Have You Visited Mount Revelstoke National Park?

If you are planning a trip to Mount Revelstoke National Park, make sure that you book some time at the Swiss Chalet Motel as part of your trip. The combination of a stunning recreational setting enjoyed from a cozy chalet may be just the getaway that you need to relax and unwind. Nature’s beauty is on full display at the chalet and the park.

Revelstoke National Park offers breathtaking mountain views and wonderful trails for hiking. Depending on the time of year you visit, you may find yourself in a snow-filled wonderland or admiring a stunning array of summer wildflowers in sub-alpine meadows. You can see for yourself what an old-growth rainforest looks like up close from the park’s Giant Cedars Boardwalk, or spy on migratory birds at the Skunk Cabbage Trail.

The park itself offers both groomed trails and backcountry campgrounds. If you visit in the summer months, you may have a wider range of places to explore in the park. The area includes some of the most concentrated areas of old-growth cedar and hemlock. Assorted wildlife roam in this protected environment, including mountain caribou and mountain goats. Yes, there are grizzly bears here, but your chances are much better at seeing them as small, stuffed toys in a local gift shop than in the wild.

For those planning a winter visit to the park and wish to experience even more adventure, there is Revelstoke Mountain Resort, which you can reach from the Swiss Chalet Motel in seven minutes by vehicle for a fun-filled day of skiing. The resort offers all types of skiing, and you can imagine yourself as an Olympic champion as you soar down one of the dramatic slopes. If you prefer a more leisurely day, the Swiss Chalet is within walking distance of downtown Revelstoke, where you can find plenty of shopping and dining opportunities to keep you busy.

The next time you search Parks Canada Revelstoke online, include the Swiss Chalet Motel as part of your vacation plan. You will find affordable rates, great accommodations and convenient location to help you make the most of your Mt Revelstoke National Park trip. Your next great escape is waiting for you here.