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Fishing in Revelstoke
23 Nov

Fishing in Revelstoke

Anglers will enjoy fishing in Revelstoke as the area features a beautiful and abundant fishing environment. The destination offers several lakes including Col Lake, Tilley Lake and Victor Lake where anglers have the chance to catch whitefish, carp and sockeye.

Revelstoke fishing includes fly-fishing in the area’s lakes or trolling for trout. Anglers will reel in numerous trout species such as rainbow, cutthroat and brook. Fishermen must remember to purchase a license to enjoy their hobby, which they can buy from most sporting goods stores in the area.

Anglers can rent a boat or fish from a lakeshore. When bringing bait, fishermen should be aware that the area bans the use of scented or chemically enhanced lures. However, feathers, metal and plastic are welcome.

With fly-fishing, anglers can only use artificial flies, which include a single or double hook. Anglers may augment their flies with fur or feathers, but cannot add a spinner.

When anglers arrive from other parts of the country to fish, they may consider catch and release as transporting fish home may be challenging. During catch and release, fishermen should not allow fish to remain on the line for very long, which can cause them to die after an angler releases them back into the water.

Anglers must remember to bring a fish out of the water slowly as taking a fish out of the water too rapidly may cause the air bladder to explode and kill the fish. Once a fisherman has reeled in his or her catch, the fish should be handled gently with the angler keeping the fish in the water constantly. Anglers should not touch the creature’s gills and, even though they’re slippery, avoid squeezing.

Anglers who intend to catch and release should keep needle nose pliers on hand to remove the fishing hook. When the fish has swallowed a hook too deep, anglers should allow the hook to remain inside the creature as it will gradually decompose. In fact, fish typically survive after swallowing a hook.

When fishing in Revelstoke, anglers have a variety of lodging options that include campgrounds and cozy indoor accommodations such as the Swiss Chalet Motel.