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Revelstoke Accommodations and Adventures

Winter fun in Revelstoke

Spring has sprung early this year and it’s nice and warm out making it an easy choice to get outside and experience the adventures that Revelstoke has to offer. With so many extreme sports happening in Revelstoke it’s easy to overlook all the wonderful family friendly activities that happen here...
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Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail

When traveling in Canada, the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail is a great stopping point for relaxing for a short period of time and enjoying a gentle walk through the amazing wooded area. You can find the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail about 30 kilometers from Revelstoke, B.C. The walk is about...
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Revelstoke Aquatic Centre

Even when the snow covers the ground and the ponds are coated with ice, visitors to British Columbia can enjoy a refreshing dip or a full day of exciting fun at the Revelstoke Aquatic Centre. With clean lines and contemporary architecture, this beautiful aquatic environment provides a welcome opportunity for...
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Revelstoke Bird and Wildlife Watching

The peace of bird and wildlife watching is an experience that must be enjoyed personally to fully understand. The Revelstoke bird and wildlife watching opportunities provide individuals with the ability to see a wide range of wild animals in their natural environment. By visiting Revelstoke National Park and enjoying the...
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Fishing in Revelstoke

Anglers will enjoy fishing in Revelstoke as the area features a beautiful and abundant fishing environment. The destination offers several lakes including Col Lake, Tilley Lake and Victor Lake where anglers have the chance to catch whitefish, carp and sockeye. Revelstoke fishing includes fly-fishing in the area’s lakes or trolling...
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